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Supplier Rules Of Conduct


As GURKAN OFFICE FURNITURE SAN. VE TIC. A.S., we believe that ethical and responsible behavior that is respectful to society, people and the environment is the most important factor in achieving our goals. We know that we can achieve our goals by working with our business partners, we explain how we expect our business partners to work with us in relation to ethical rules, compliance with the law, fight against corruption, employee conditions, occupational health and safety and the environment and we are committed to show Zero Tolerance on the following issues.


All suppliers doing business with GURKAN OFFICE FURNITURE SAN. VE TIC. A.S.; vendors, consultants, representatives and all other providers of goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "Suppliers") are within the scope of the "SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT".



GURKAN OFFICE FURNITURE SAN. VE TIC. A.S. suppliers must know and comply with national and international laws and other legal requirements regarding themselves and their business.


PROHIBITION OF WORKING CHILD LABOR: Suppliers cannot employ child labor, must comply with the minimum working age restrictions set by national law or legislation, and International Labor Organization (ILO) standards (No child labor under the age of 15 can be employed. Child workers above this age also attend school, The total time he will spend for work cannot exceed 10 hours per day (including work+school+transport).

PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION: Suppliers cannot treat or discriminate against their employees in any way (religion, language, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.) cannot apply physical and psychological pressure and violence (Mobbing). It cannot tolerate such behavior by its employees and is obliged to take the necessary measures in this regard.

FORCED LABOR PROHIBITION: Suppliers cannot apply any form of forced or compulsory labor, employment decisions must be based on free choice. The business cannot forcibly employ employees or ask the employees to leave their identity cards or a certain deposit with the business.


OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: Suppliers take all precautions in terms of occupational health and safety. In this context, it provides its employees with all necessary training and equipment. It is necessary to have management of health and safety risks as it results in prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. The business has to provide a healthy working environment to its employees, take precautions to prevent accidents and injuries, provide health and safety training, clean health facilities and potable water.

ENVIRONMENT: Suppliers must continue their activities in accordance with all applicable national and international environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers evaluate the effects of the works and decisions made on the environment, take the necessary measures for the protection of natural resources, reduction of waste and control of environmental pollution.

RESPECT FOR EMPLOYEE: Suppliers treat their employees with respect.

PREVENTING HARASSMENT: Suppliers are obligated to provide their employees with a work environment free from mental, physical, sexual or other forms of harassment and inconvenience.

FAIR WAGES AND WORKING TIMES: Suppliers shall pay their employees at least the minimum wage specified by law. Legal working hours in the region of operation will be complied with. For overtime, the overtime fee specified in the law will be paid, and in cases where there is no legal obligation, it is essential to pay at least the normal hourly rate. Employees must have at least one week off every seven days. Employees cannot work more than 48 hours per week and overtime (except for short-term extraordinary work conditions) cannot exceed 12 hours per week.

RIGHT TO ORGANIZATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: Suppliers shall respect the rights of their employees to organize, form unions, join trade unions, and bargain collectively.


Suppliers may not bribe, accept or corrupt. Takes necessary measures to combat bribery and corruption. It must comply with all applicable national and international anti-corruption laws.


Suppliers avoid conflict of interest and any activity that may be perceived as a conflict of interest by third parties. In case of a possible conflict of interest, it informs all relevant parties.


Suppliers keep records and books that reflect the truth of all their transactions accurately, honestly and in a timely manner. It does not falsify its records and does not hide the transactions it performs. It keeps its records in accordance with legal requirements.


Suppliers are obliged to protect all confidential information which belongs to GURKAN OFFICE FURNITURE SAN. VE TIC. A.S.;  like trade secrets, know-how, financial data and any information they have access to.


Suppliers provide channels for their employees and other relevant persons to report violations of the law or ethical principles without fear of sanctions.